In FOREX, there are baitfish, fish, sharks, and killer whales, you want to swim with the whales without getting eaten.

What is FOREX?
First let's look at what it means to buy and sell a currency pair.

What Is What Does Buying and Selling What Does It Mean To Buy And Sell Forex Currency Pairs Mean Explained

Trading Schedule

What FOREX pair or pairs should I trade? It's best to trade high volume pairs because the spreads are lower and you can make more money. Ok, so which pairs have the highest volume? I'm glad you asked.

Top 8 Forex Pairs by VOLUME 2022-04-09 at 2.16.22 PM
2021 Top 10 FOREX Currency Pairs by Volume using 11 Months Data

Ok, but when do should I trade Forex? The highest volume for all pairs is generally during the New York/London overlap session, however certain pairs may see volume spikes during key news releases. Some pairs like XAUUSD for example, often have volume spikes at night time and early morning EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

Ok but how do I get my economic news. I'm glad you asked.

The Bloomberg Economic Calendar I currently use for trading economic news

Click on "Click here for full event details" at the designated time to make sure you verify the correct data, you can also use past data to see what happened in the market during previous news releases.

The Bloomberg Economic Calendar click for full event data to help trade economic news
Analyzing past economic data to help trade Forex during economic news releases from the economic calendar

Ok, but how do jokes be like?

Below is an old chart that was made I DON'T KNOW WHEN by I DON'T KNOW WHO. But for whatever it's worth, it was "confirmed" (meaning, probably by people who also saw this on Google image search) by several other sources. Translation, DO YOU OWN VOLUME RESEARCH VIA METATRADER LIKE I DID ABOVE.

The Top 12 Forex Currency Pairs By Volume

Just one of many cheat sheats.

Forex Candlestick Reversal Continuation Bearish Bullish Patterns Cheat Sheet



Forex Humor Mr Bean Trading Day Trader Funny Meme Memes

Silly I know...


Entering the Forex Market

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